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We love free foreign movies.  We like to travel, and we’re super-curious about the world.  We’ve been watching international films for new perspectives, education and entertainment forever.  We love international films that encourage a better understanding of our world, bridge cultural divides, and engage us in the process.  Many great foreign movies and TV series are available free online.  These are some of the websites we go to, some of the apps we use, and some of our favorite international films, live news and TV.  We just like to watch and share.


Here are the safest, most trusted, and highest quality free foreign movie websites.  These are not all of the streaming sites that are available, but these are our favorites.  These offer the best user experience, have the most reliable connections, offer the highest-quality content and highest number of free international movies.  There is a wide range of sites available, and we only choose the best ones.  We are not partners with any of these sites.  We do not offer affiliate links for any movies or products.  We do not monetize this site in any way.  We just want to assist people in learning more about the world and our friends and neighbors abroad.  These are simply the best free foreign movie websites.  Most of these sites also have an app available for your phone or tablet.  

We’ve also dedicated a page for a subset of these websites to a page of movie streaming sites that do not require any type of sign up.  There are several great free websites that just let you watch a movie without entering any type of user information.  If you are concerned with sharing your information (and you should always be cautious when doing so), these sites may be more suitable.

We have a page of websites where you can watch free Hindi movies online.  This list of streaming sites includes only the best, high-quality, safe and trusted websites with Hindi films.  There is a huge collection of fun Bollywood films that is freely available online, and we show you the best sites to watch them.


This is a long list of our favorite free foreign movies.  They are not in any particular order, but recent films we have watched tend to be near the top.  There are so many great movies that we may have to expand our list to several pages.  We love discovering interesting films that offer us a new perspective, make us feel something special, entertain us, or teach us about life.  As mentioned above, these are not affiliate links to movies.  This site is not monetized in any way.  These are just the films we think offer the most interesting and engaging experience.  We believe you will watch these films and take away something of real value – a greater understanding of the world, a new perspective or idea on a global subject, a broader sense of community, or a captivating entertainment experience.  


These are free movies that are only available right now.  We often receive an invitation to view movies (including free movies) for only a few days. These may be great movies, but they are available for streaming for only a few days at most. As always, these are legitimate, safe, trusted and legal sites.  These films are usually promotions for international film festivals, regional cultural events or maybe experimental or independent art house cinema.  Regardless they are provocative and helpful in learning more about the world from another perspective.


These are the highest quality and most reliable global news sites streaming live in English. We love watching live news in English from different countries.  Each broadcast gives a new and different perspective.  The coverage of world news in the US leaves a lot to be desired, so we searched and found the best English live news streams from all over the globe.  This is really interesting material, and it changes rapidly.  We watch it every day, and we believe it opens our eyes to many of the political and cultural influences of the world.


This is our free foreign film blog.  We write reviews of movies, inform you of the best films available now, share our favorite foreign movie streaming sites, rank movies by country, advise you of unsafe practices, discuss original sound tracks, and maybe share something we have learned or experiences we have had from watching foreign films or TV series.  There is so much free content available that it’s often hard to choose what to watch.  We can help you pick great movies that are interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking.  Watching international films requires a certain degree of focus and concentration free of distractions.  We want to make it worth your time.  Our goal is for everyone to enjoy and learn from the great body of work available for viewing.


This page is an excellent resource for finding international films by country or by language.  Here you can also find all of the free films available to watch now.  You can find where to watch a specific movie or find other movies you might like.  These are great websites for movie fans.  We have a team of friends who love to watch foreign movies.  We have a variety of interests, experiences, and activities in areas across the world.  Foreign Films from every country, Asian Dramas, British TV, Bollywood, Anime,  Documentaries, World News, Culture TV, Period Films.  There is so much fantastic material.  We do this for fun.  We watch it all and share the best.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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On this site you can find the best, safest and most trusted websites for streaming, the best free movies and our favorite international tv shows.