Netflix category codes, sometimes referred to as genre codes or secret codes, are numerical codes that correspond to specific genres or categories on the platform. These codes can be used to access a more refined and specific list of content within a particular genre. By entering these codes in the Netflix URL, users can discover hidden or niche categories that may not be easily accessible through the standard browsing interface.

For example, the standard Netflix URL might look like this: ``

Here, “83” is the genre code for documentaries. By replacing “83” with other codes, users can explore different genres. However, it’s worth noting that Netflix has made changes to its interface and browsing system over time, and the effectiveness of these codes may vary.

While there are many genre codes, they are not officially published or supported by Netflix. Keep in mind that the availability and functionality of these codes may change as Netflix updates its platform.

Here are the “secret” Netflix Genre Codes / category codes for finding international films on Netflix.  Unlike all of the other streaming platforms described on this site, Netflix is not free.  However, if you have access to an account, Netflix has a wide variety of high-quality foreign films.   Surprisingly, it is difficult to find many of the international movies on the streaming service, so here’s how to find foreign films on Netflix.

copy the following into a browser

where # is the number associated with the genre of film you wish to view.

Or just click on the link below:


International Movies (78367)

International Programmes (1195213)

Global Perspectives (81397797)

Anime (7424

Asian Action Movies (77232)

Martial Arts Movies (8985)

Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159)

World Music Concerts (2856)

Food & Travel TV (72436)

Binge-worthy International TV Programs (1193401)

International Comedies (852492)

It’s unclear if the codes below are still supported by Netflix:

Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)
Foreign Comedies (4426)
Foreign Documentaries (5161)
Foreign Dramas (2150)
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243)
Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
Foreign Movies (7462)
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)
Foreign Thrillers (10306)
Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)


Copy the following into a browser

where # is the number associated with the genre of film you wish to view.

Or just click on the link below:

African Movies (3761)

Argentinian Movies (100370)

Australian Movies (5230)

Belgian Movies (262)

British Movies (10757)

British TV Shows (52117)

Chinese Movies (3960)  and Hong Kong Movies (58676)

Dutch Movies (10606)

Eastern European Movies (5254)

Egyptian Movies and TV (81207583)

Filipino Movies and TV (100391)

French Movies (58807)

Greek Movies (61115)

German Movies (58886)

Indian Movies (10463)

Indonesian Movies and TV (1726274)

Irish Movies (58750)

Israeli Movies and TV (100383)

Italian Movies (8221)

Japanese Movies (10398)

Kenyan Movies and TV (81472078)

Korean Movies (5685)

Korean TV Shows (67879)

Latin American Movies (1613)

Mexican Movies (100388)

Middle Eastern Movies (5875)

New Zealand Movies (63782)

Russian (11567)

Scandinavian Movies (9292)

Singaporean Movies and TV (1715778)

South African Movies and TV (1146875)

Southeast Asian Movies (9196)

Spanish Movies (58741)

Taiwanese Movies (434295)

Thai Movies and TV (107570)

Turkish Movies (1133133)

Vietnamese Movies and TV (107571)

Free Foreign Films

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