best FREE MOVIE streaming SITES

These are the best and most trusted links for finding free foreign movie websites and free TV websites.  We use this list almost exclusively.  There are literally hundreds of sites that offer video, and we’re looked at many of them.  These are the best and safest of the bunch.  

Tubi is really great for international cinema.  No sign up is required, but it does have occasional advertisements.  Huge collection and variety of great Foreign Films and Foreign TV.  Tubi also has a special section for  Películas en Español and Para niños y familias.   In addition, there are Telenovelas y series and Ganadores y nominados.  You can also watch Anime.  We consider Tubi the best of the Free Movie Websites:  Tubi home (English films)

YouTube has a lot of free foreign films.  Some are older films in the public domain.  Others are free but a part of the YouTube video streaming business.  Search their site and you may be amazed at what you find.  Films and Clips offers a free and legal Youtube channel with movies, clips, docs, short movies from all around the world.  Another great foreign collection is Korean Classic Films.  There you will find many classic Korean films dating from the 1930s onwards available for free viewing.  FSUE Mosfilm cinema concern has free Russian films.  Mosfilms s the leading Russian film company producing almost all the film- TV- and video products in the country. Some of these films have English subtitles.  Rotten Tomatoes keeps a list of the 100 Best Free Movies on YouTube.   A decent percentage of these are foreign films.

Rakuten VIKI has lots of Asian TV series and films.  We probably spend as much time on this site as any other.  Asian dramas are so great! The only problem is that you can get addicted to one series after another.  We first watched My Mister on this free site.  It remains our favorite K-Drama, but there are many other great ones available on Rakuten Viki.   Some of our favorite dramas are included on the TV page.  This is one of the best free movie websites.

We’re on NHK World Japan every week.  Our favorite show  is Cool Japan!  Another of our favorites is Cycle Around Japan.  And there are so many great cooking and travel shows.  We find this site very informative and relaxing.  Learn the mindful techniques of traditional crafts.  Travel to the remote countryside and visit  organic farms. You can learn so much about Japan and Japanese Culture on this NHK World Japan.  It even does its own J-Drama series.  This is Japanese public TV, and it is fantastic.

Pluto TV is an outstanding site with free movies.  No sign-up is required, but it does include advertisements.  It includes British TV, World Cinema, Peliculas en Espanol, Television en Espanol, Martial Arts, Anime Action, and Anime All-Ages on demand.  Pluto TV also includes live TV channels.

If you live outside (or inside) the USA, PLEX appears to be a good option to view free international films on free movie websites.  “Plex and Crackle began working together in May 2020. This was followed by the launch of a Popcornflix VOD offering on Plex in November 2020 and the launch of the first linear channels from Crackle and Popcornflix in the U.S. in December 2020 and January 2021.”  So PLEX should have any movie available on popcornflix or crackle – both having international films.

Popcorn flix has great free movies, but note above that PLEX might be a better option for a free movie website.  Their selections include Asian Action, Foreign Films, and Espanol.   Popcornflix home (English films)

Fandango At Home replaced Vudu in 2024.  Fandango At Home includes some foreign movies and anime.  We have been very pleased that Fandango/Vudu frequently has films that no other free streaming service offers.  You do have to sign-up to watch these foreign movies, but they are free and ad-supported.  Definitely worth checking out.

iWantTFC has free movies from the Philippines!  Go to the “Free for Viewers Outside the Philippines.”  If you don’t speak Tagalog, turn on the English subtitles (CC) and enjoy.  This is a really fun website with a lot of content.  The Philippines has a long and great history of filmmaking, and you can watch many of their stars on the free section.

If you live in the USA, you can watch PBS live for free.  The on-demand movies and TV series on PBS are not free, however for a modest annual or monthly donation, you are given access (Passport).  Many fantastic shows including the Masterpiece collection – the best of the very best.

We enjoy anime.  When we lived in Asia, Dragon Ball was incredibly popular.  You can watch it here, along with One Piece, Pokemon, Naruto, and a ton of others.

Arirang Korean Culture TV.  Live and On-Demand.  This is the Korean public TV channel available to the world.  It is quite good and has some interesting material.  With so much material and resources available and the huge interest in Korea all over the world, Arirang could focus on being one of the top free movie websites.

CGTN includes Chinese news, culture and entertainment.  I like to watch their shows on Africa from a Chinese perspective.  Now find more recent travel, food and culture on CGTN.  Really great material.  CGTN is Chinese public TV.  We subscribe to their live updates on Facebook.

Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcasting company.  The website includes material available in 32 languages.  The free content provides a forum for a German perspective on important topics  providing a forum for German (and other) points of view on important topics, with the aim of “promoting understanding and the exchange of ideas among different cultures and peoples.”  Search DW’s Media.  A downside of this site is that it is cluttered with ads.

Another option for TV viewers outside the USA is WatchYour.TV I do not watch this site frequently, however it sounds great because it offers a TV viewing experience free all around the world. Live channel programming on any device, anywhere in the world. No matter where you live, or where you travel, they will connect you back home.  We lived abroad for over a decade, and we did miss our home TV.   This channel might have been a solution.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, check out your local public library.  They may have access to the free beamafilm subscription service.  Many great free films are on this site.  This appears to be like the American websites kanopy and hoopla.

Kanopy is free, although you have to have an account at an American public library or university that supports it.  Probably the finest collection of high-quality international films.  Large catalog of World Cinema, however your access is limited.  If you are an American student, check to see if your college or university subscribes to kanopy.  (And they may not advertise that they do.)

Hoopla is like kanopy – you have to have card from a participating USA library.  Many foreign films that you can search by language.  It is very good, although the foreign film offering is somewhat limited and seldom changes.  We did watch a few free films that were quite good – “Lunana : A Yak in the Classroom,” “Another Round,” and 9 seasons of “Doc Martin.”  We might have seen “Burning” and “Shoplifters” on this site too, so it is definitely among the best free movie websites for watching foreign movies.

SBS On Demand is another Australian site.  If you live or telecommute to Australia, you can have access to over 11,000 hours of free video.  This is a new site for us, but so far it has proven to be very good.  It requires a sign-up, but it is totally free, and we are impressed with the selection of films and the quality of the movie and TV content.

Cineverse is a fairly new site for free movies.  Cineverse is a free (with ads) streaming service that offers access to movies and TV shows from around the world.  They have many foreign films.  

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