We enjoy watching global news live streams from international sites.  It’s interesting to watch world news from the perspective of another country or culture.  Much of the world news from the USA does not cover the material that would be covered in this list of live news outlets.  And all of these sites are high-quality, reliable and in English.  Although there are some very interesting unsecured sites from abroad, each of the listed sites has to be considered a secure site to be featured on this page.


CNA Channel News Asia (Singapore)

CNA Live News in English provides a live stream that covers news from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other areas of Asia.  CNA Live English News Stream is also available on YouTube.

NHK World (Japan)

Japan’s NHK Live News in English primarily covers Japan and other Asian countries.  This is one of our favorite sites in general.  It has a lot of great shows about life in Japan, traveling the country, and great cultural experiences.

ANC (Philippines)

ANC has English news videos on YouTube.  Also the ABS-CBN News Channel has a website

One News (Philippines)

One News has a huge collection of English news videos from the Philippines on YouTube.

Arirang (South Korea)

South Korean Live News in English.  The site also has a lot of other videos on demand including K-Pop, food and culture, special focus shows, technology, news, After School Club, documentaries, and disaster information.  Their live channel is also on YouTube.

KBS World (South Korea)

KBS WORLD TV is a news and family entertainment channel.  The shows are broadcast shortly after their Korean broadcast day.  This channel produces a lot of great material with subtitles in many languages.  This website is a great source to learn more about Asian culture.

TRT World (Turkey)

TRT World has a live news stream in English.   It also has a live news stream on YouTube.

CGTN (China)

CGTN covers China and the world from a Chinese perspective with a live news stream.  Many shows in English.  CGTN has a Europe News live channel on YouTube and also an African News channel on YouTube.

Bernama (Malaysia)

Bernama has some Malaysian news in English.  English videos are limited.

Berita Satu (Indonesia)

Berita Satu has a wonderful live new TV channel in English (sometimes subtitled).  

Metro TV News (Indonesia)

Metro TV News is a very interesting TV and News site from Indonesia.  It has many shows subtitled in English, but livestreams at only certain times of day.

NDTV (India)

NDTV from India has a live English news stream on YouTube.

DD (India)

DD India is India’s 24×7 international news channel from the country’s Public Service Broadcaster.  They have a YouTube channel in English.  The channel includes daily world news, national news, current events and discussions.

WION (India)

WION from India has a live news stream in English.   It also has a live news stream on YouTube.

Republic TV (India)

This site from India gives us occasional trouble with the live news stream, although the videos on demand work fine.  Pretty busy visually.  A lot going on in the screen in this site.  

News 1st (Sri Lanka)

News 1st from Sri Lanka has a website with English news from their live broadcast.

ADA derana (Sri Lanka)

ADA derana from Sri Lanka has an English news channel on YouTube.

RT (Russia)

RT includes a live news stream in English among its offerings.  The site does sometimes include some annoying ads.  This site appears to be up and down, and it may have something to do with the political situation.  RT also has a live news stream on YouTube.


Africa News (Congo/France)

AfricaNews Live News covers the continent of Africa.  Africa News English News Stream is also available on YouTube.

Arise News (England with Focus on Africa)

Arise News is s a live international television news stream with a strong focus on Africa.

Channels TV (Nigeria)

Channels TV has a live news TV channel in English and a live stream on YouTube.

TVC News (Nigeria)

TVC News from Nigeria has a live YouTube channel.

SABC (South Africa)

SABC has a website with English news videos.  SABC also has a live news stream on YouTube.


BBC (United Kingdom)

BBC also has a news channel on YouTube.

DW (Germany)

DW from Germany has live stream news in English on YouTube.  It also has a website, but it is littered with ads and just looks unprofessional – especially for a public news service.

France24 (France)

France24 news often covers area of Africa as well as France and Europe.  This channel is also available on YouTube.

RTE (Ireland)

RTE includes a live news stream from Ireland.  The site contains much more material but you have to be a resident of or telecommuter to Ireland.

TVP World (Poland)

All the news seen from a Polish perspective.  TVP World is Poland’s first English language news channel.  They also have a live news channel on YouTube.

Sky News (United Kingdom)

The live video for this news site originating in the United Kingdom works very well, but it does come with ads on the website.  Sky News does have a live YouTube channel.  Conservative perspective.


Euronews claims to be the number one news channel in Europe, and it streams free online.  It provides world news from a variety of European perspectives.  Euronews also streams on Tubi.


Al Jazeera (Qatar) 

Al Jazeera’s Live News in English is an outstanding news service with a special emphasis on the Middle East.  Al Jazeera English Live News is also available on YouTube.

i24 News (Israel)

i24 News has English news on Video.  Streaming news requires a paid subscription.  Many news and show videos.


Tolo News (Afghanistan)

Tolo News is live from Afghanistan.  Some of the videos are in English.  The live news is not and subtitles are probably not available for most of the videos.  It is still an interesting website with some English material.

PressTV (Iran)

PressTV is interesting because it is from Iran and gives a perspective that is not often available in the USA.  It is not clear to me if the FBI has shut down this website or not.  You may have to search a bit.  I’m not sure if the links are being changed to circumvent the site shutdown, however I am clearly watching news in English in 2022.

Indus (Pakistan)

Indus does have a live English stream from Pakistan that is unavailable in the USA.  However, they do have a live news stream in English on YouTube.

PTV (Pakistan)

PTV has a live English news stream from Pakistan.  The website includes a comprehensive overview of global and national news channels.  Recently, I have not had a lot of success with the English News.


CBC Gem (Canada)

CBC has Canadian news (plus some great shows).  High quality site with interesting material.

CP24 (Canada)

CP24 has a live news stream from Canada.  You may have to be in Canada to access the live stream.  News videos on demand are available to all.

Global News (Canada)

Global News has a high quality news stream from Canada.  The link above is for Toronto news, but you can click on the dropdown box on the streaming screen and select other regions of Canada.

Voice of America (USA)

VOA (Voice of America) has a lot of video clips of world news events.  There are daily news events, special reports and analysis.  Currently, the title heading includes US News, Ukraine, Press Freedome, Covid-19 Pandemic, China and Iran.


CNN has an international news site, but it looks like the live video requires a login after a few minutes.  There is a lot of world news, however there is not a lot of video.  This is not a great site for free world news.

Tubi (USA)

Tubi has a nice live news collection of local sites in the USA including breaking national news and targeted local broadcasts. The site includes live coverage from over 55 outlets, including NBC, FOX, Cox Media Group, Hearst, and Scripps.  It also streams several international sites including Euronews and Estrella.


teleSUR (Venezuela)

teleSUR is one of the few live English news streams from South America.  The user interface of the video is a bit clumsy and ads exist on the screen.  TeleSUR also includes a YouTube channel.


ABC Live News (Australia)

Australian news often covers area of Asia and the South Pacific as well as Australia and New Zealand.  Their global news live stream is called “The World,” and it streams at 2:00 pm EST each day.  This channel is also available on YouTube.


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