You can watch many free foreign films on the websites listed on  There’s not a bad movie in this bunch.  And in no particular order:


There are so many great free movies from Japan.   They have had a long and distinguished history of outstanding films dating back to the early 1900s.  This page gives some of the best free Japanese anime and free Japanese films, including our top pick.  We love these films.

Rashomon (Japan, Drama)

Rashomon is considered one of the best films of all-time.  One incident, four different stories.  This movie is difficult to find for free.  Where you can watch Rashomon.

West of the Tracks (China, Documentary)

The three films tell a story of China’s state-controlled, heavy industrial processing facilities on the wane before the start of more  free-market capitalism. Our views.  And you may find West of the Tracks on YouTube, and otherwise where to watch West of the Tracks.

Burning (South Korea, Thriller)

This is truly a great film.  An intense mystery-thriller that highlights Korean class disparity.  It centers around a poor struggling writer, a wealthy guy who doesn’t work, and the free-spirited girl that captivates both of them.  Our review of Burning.  And where to watch Burning.

Lion (Australia, Drama)

A little boy gets separated from his family in a distant region of India.  He eventually gets adoped by an Australian couple and many years later begins the search for his Indian family.  Where to watch Lion.

Munyurangabo (Rwanda, Drama)

Two friends are on a journey to kill a man.  But they are separated by tribe and family attempts to push them apart.  Great film.  It was shot sort of simplistically or maybe just free from a lot of production, but it made me feel like I was a bystander in the shadows to all the unfolding events.  Filmed entirely in Rwanda with local actors.  There is an amazing spoken-word poetry scene near the end of the film.  Where to watch Munyurangabo.

Elena (Russia, Drama)

An aging wealthy man is asked to support his wife’s adult son and the son’s family.  The wealthy man is reluctant, based on the son’s history of indolence.  Then the wealthy man’s estranged daughter makes an appearance.  This reminded me just a bit of the Korean film Parasite.  Where to watch Elena.

City of God (Brazil, Drama – Rated R)

Violent real story of the life of a photographer in a Brazilian favela.  Gangs and organized crime dominate the “City of God.”  The narrator of the story just tries to stay alive and out of trouble.  “If you run, the beast catches you; if you stay, the beast eats you.”  This is one of the best foreign movies.  Where to watch City of God.

Alamar (Mexico, Semi-Documentary, Drama, Family)

Another great feel-good movie filmed mostly around the Banco Chinchorro coral reef.  A Mexican fisherman gently teaches his 5-year-old son (who lives halfway around the world).  Beautiful ocean scenes of snorkeling and fishing.  We want to live that simple life.  Where to watch Alamar.

Little Forest (South Korea, Drama)

Great feel-good movie.  So many quality cooking scenes it should come with recipes.  We kept snacking as we watched it.  Girl with prior family issues moves back home to rural South Korea.  And we love. love, love movies about simple rural life.  Beautiful nature scenes of all the Korean seasons.  Where to watch Little Forest.

Battle Royale (Japan, Action-Thriller – Rated R)

A cult-favorite.  Banned in the USA for many years, Battle Royale must have been the first teens-fighting-each-other-to-the-death movie.  The government tries to control a country of rebellious kids by forcing a class of high school students to kill each other.  Our little team of free movie reviewers disagree on this film.    Some like it a lot.  Others refuse to watch it.  Where to watch Battle Royale.

Tanna (Australia – filmed in Vanuatu, Drama)

Marry for love or to preserve the peace of your village?  The scenery in this movie is exceptional – especially the area around the volcano.  The natural features of the landscapes are almost unbelievable.  Based on a true story from this wonderful South Pacific island.  Where to watch Tanna.

Departures (Japan, Drama)

One of the best free foreign films.  Actually, one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Period.  This international film made me totally rethink the ceremonies we hold close.  A man loses his job in Tokyo and returns to his home village.  Low on money, he is forced to take a job.  Where to watch Departures.

Train to Busan (South Korea, Horror, Thriller)

We are fans of all types of films, including zombie films – and this one was fantastic.  Action-packed, edge-of-your-seat watching.  Don’t catch the virus!  Where to watch Train to Busan.

Amores Perros (Mexico, Drama)

This is a great movie but very difficult to watch – especially if you are a dog lover.  Three unrelated families are involved in the same incident. Where to watch Amores Perros.

The Hunt (Denmark, Drama)

Another great movie but also difficult to watch.  A well-liked man gets accused of a horrible crime.  Will the village turn on one of their favorite members?  Where to watch The Hunt.

Hotel Salvation (India, Drama)

A son takes his father to a holy place to die.  But his father seems to be in fine health.  Be patient and allow this movie to unfold.  Where to watch Hotel Salvation.

Last Train Home (China, Documentary)

A family faces the challenge of parents migrating for a better job leaving grandparents to care for the children.  One of the best documentary movies we have seen in a while.  We have always heard of the great movement of millions of people during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), but this film really shares the scope of that mass movement.  Incredible and amazing scenes of packed train stations.  Where to watch Last Train Home.

Theeb (Jordan, Adventure)

A young boy on a dangerous desert journey.  This movie was one of the few Arab films nominated for an Academy Award.  Where to watch Theeb.

Faan’s Train (South Africa, Drama)

A town’s relationship with a man with an intellectual disability.  One of our favorites on the foreign movies page.  Where to watch Faan’s Train.

The Rocket (Laos, Drama)

A displaced family must find a new home.  One of our all-time favorite films.  Great greenery in Laos.  Where to watch The Rocket.

The Intouchables (France, Drama)

A feel-good comedy-drama about two very different people.  Pretty sure this movie was remade recently in the US.  We have not seen the American version, but this original is very good.  Where to watch The Intouchables.

Poetry (South Korea, Drama)

A grandma struggles to raise her grandson, capture beauty in verse, and find justice.  Where to watch Poetry.

Tell No One (France, Thriller)

A man is suspected of his wife’s murder.  Where to watch Tell No One.

Memoir of a Murderer (South Korea, Crime, Mystery – Rated R)

A man is slowly losing his memory.  He believes his loved ones may be in danger.  Where to watch Memoir of a Murderer.

Oldboy (South Korea, Crime, Mystery – Rated R)

An ordinary businessman gets intentionally imprisoned in a room.  He gets to watch free movies on TV, and he is taken care of, but how long can he endure?  I need to watch this one again, but it is tough to find for free.  Where to watch Oldboy.

Ma’ Rosa (The Philippines, Drama)

What do you have to do to survive as a poor family in Manila?  Where to watch Ma’ Rosa.

The Man from Nowhere (South Korea, Thriller)

A man with a secret past is forced to give up his quiet existence to try to save a little girl.  Where to watch The Man from Nowhere.

About Elly (France, Drama)

A group of friends get together for a weekend by the Caspian Sea.  One of the friends brings Elly, her daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  No one knows much about her or what she might do.  Where to watch About Elly.

The Wailing (South Korea, Horror, Thriller)

Good horror film.  A policeman races against time to save his daughter from a mysterious sickness spreading through a small village.  Where to watch The Wailing.

The Host (South Korea, Monster)

This film is South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s (Parasite) big-budget creature feature.  A giant monster climbs out of the Han River to terrorize the community.  Much more than a monster film.  There is a lot going on here.  Where to watch The Host.

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