These are the best and most trusted legal free movie streaming sites with no sign up required.  Some streaming websites are quite good, but they require some sort of registration or authorization or certification.  These do not.  If you value your privacy and do not want an occasional ad in your inbox, these are the sites for you.  (Personally, we sometimes do register on free movie streaming sites, and in our experience the number of emails has been relatively modest – maybe one or two a week.)  You can remain a totally  anonymous user and pop in or out of these sites without becoming an official user.  That said, because you have not provided any user information (and that is a valuable commodity, so guard it carefully), you will have to sit through some ads as you watch a film.

Tubi is one of our favorite free movie streaming sites with no sign up required.  It is safe and trusted with high quality films and outstanding performance.  We have watched a lot of films on tubi, and it remains one of our favorites.  Tubi has a great collection of both American and international films.  These are not current films, of course, but many are relatively recent – and best of all, all are free.

It’s amazing how many free movies are available on YouTube.  It’s kind of a forgotten resource when you think about full movies.  People tend to think of it as more of a repository of short clips rather than entire movies, but it has some great films, and they are entirely free and no sign up is required.  Their boy of films include many from the USA and abroad.  There are huge followings of various film genres, and it is a great place to go to connect with others of the same interest.  YouTube also has a great collection of international sites with live English news.  

Pluto TV is an outstanding free movie streaming site with no sign up.  If you do sign up you can customize your favorite channel list on the live TV (yes, live TV channels) and remove channels in which you have no interest.  Of course, one of the main focuses of this website is foreign films and Pluto TV includes a lot of Spanish movies and TV, Martial Arts movies, World Cinema, anime and British TV.  (British TV and films are often not considered a foreign, because the implication is “foreign-language” film.)

Despite what you might have read, PLEX does not require an account to stream free movies.  I think it is highly encouraged for the “full user experience,” but you certainly don’t have to if you don’t want to.  As far as we know, you should be able to access this website from all over the world (without a VPN – please let us know if that is not true).  Note that PLEX now should include all of the offerings on popcorn flix and Crackle – making all three websites free movie streaming sites with no sign up.

Popcorn flix does not require a subscription or an account to stream movies, however PLEX (see above) might be a better option.  PLEX made a deal with both popcorn flix and Crackle to carry their movies, so you should be able to access and stream free movies from all three platforms from the PLEX website.  Popcorn flix promotes that they have fewer ads than network TV, but I suspect most of these sites follow that marketing plan.  There are a lot of American and international films on popcorn flix.  There is a lot of great material for both education and entertainment that is available to stream free, so find a site that you like and enjoy.

We really love NHK World Japan.  This is Japan’s public TV for the world, and there are no ads on the site!  It’s not really a movie streaming site, but it does have some dramas and some great cultural documentaries and shows.  We really enjoy the travel and food shows – and especially Cool Japan (when we can find it).  We’ve learned so much about Japan from this website.  We find it totally relaxing, interesting and informative.  They have a lot of videos on demand, and they are all of high-quality, safe and trusted, and 100% free with no sign up required.  Go to the site and experience Japan.

Arirang Korean Culture TV.  This is Korean public TV broadcast to the world.  It includes a ton of different channels, with many of them on YouTube.  Again, like NHK World Japan, this is not really a movie streaming site.  However, there is a lot of cultural information and a special emphasis on K-POP.  There is K-POP entertainment news, K-POP Afterschool Club, and K-POP videos.  Korea has been very successful in exporting K-POP to the world, and this website includes a lot of information.  Another popular Korean export, K-Dramas, are not covered as extensively on this streaming site.

iWantTFC is a website with free movies from the Philippines.  It does not require a sign up, and there is a nice section of “Free for Viewers Outside the Philippines.”  You should turn on the captions for English subtitles.  Really fun and interesting site.  The paid section includes a ton of great material from news, sports and entertainment.  

CGTN is the Chinese equivalent of NHK World Japan and Arirang Korea.  It is not a movie streaming site as such, but it includes ad-free Chinese cultural information, live news and some entertainment.  They have some fascinating documentaries and travel videos on demand.  We’re especially interested in their coverage on Africa.  A lot of great material here, and it changes daily.  

There are a lot of movie websites, however we believe these are the best free movie streaming sites with no sign up required.  Although you may be encouraged to create a user account, these sites do not require it to stream movies.  There will be no violation of your privacy and no emails in your mailbox.  There are a lot of great websites where you can stream free safe educational or entertaining videos, so find a site that you like and enjoy.

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