My Mister OST
My Mister OST

The KDrama My Mister Soundtrack is stuck on repeat, and I love it! It’s definitely one of the most beautiful KDrama ballad rock soundtracks.

The OST package is a really thorough collection of nice-looking materials for the My Mister super-fan. First, there is a 2-CD set of music from the series. This is the music that fits my mood right now. It’s very relaxing, and we all need something to reduce our tension and anxiety. Sometimes it moves me back to the series and the way the music complemented the series so well. (I may watch the series again because of this soundtrack.)

Visually, the CD holder has a cold snowy evening vibe. A lonely Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun Gyun) walks away, briefcase satchel over his shoulder. The center opens to a wide view of the subway train. The right side has Lee Ji-an’s (IU’s) iconic black Converse Chuck Taylor low-tops. On the back is a blurred back of Lee Ji-an’s head.

Next there is a song playlist page (in Korean) with photos from scenes of the series. The page opens to a poster on the back. The poster shows the three brothers laughing and eating at a table with Lee Ji-an sadly sitting alone on the right.

Then there is a small booklet of photos from the series and writing. The title of the booklet is original soundtrack.

Finally there is a collection of Polaroid-type photos signed (photographically) by the actors.

The packaging is beautiful – see my above photo – and a testament to the quality of the series and soundtrack. I’m really enjoying this.

List of Songs on the My Mister Soundtrack | My Ajusshi OST

My Mister Soundtrack CD 1, Track Listing, Title, Artist

  1. That Man
    그 사나이 Lee Hee Moon (이희문)
  2. Adult
    어른 Sondia
  3. Dear Moon
    Je Hwi (제휘)
  4. There Is A Rainbow (Band Ver.)
    무지개는 있다 (Band Ver.) Vincent Blue (빈센트 블루)
  5. My Image Reflected In My Heart (Piano Ver.)
    내 마음에 비친 내 모습 (Piano Ver.) Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)
  6. Title of My Mister
    Title of 나의 아저씨 Kim Joon Suk (김준석), Goo Bon Choon
  7. My Mister
    나의 아저씨 Kim Joon Suk (김준석), Jun Se Jin
  8. When You Want To Rest Your Mind
    마음이 쉬고 싶을 때 Jung Se Rin
  9. Our Family
    우리 식구 (Inst.) Lee Yoon Ji
  10. Weight of Life (Inst.)
    삶의 무게 (Inst.) Kim Joon Suk (김준석), Noh Yoo Rim
  11. Guilty (Inst.)
    죄책감 (Inst.) Jun Se Jin
  12. Three Brothers
    삼형제 Noh Yoo Rim
  13. Realism
    현실주의 Goo Bon Choon
  14. Background Check
    뒷조사 Lee Yoon Ji
  15. Dangerous Child
    위험한 아이 Jun Se Jin
  16. Last Pride
    마지막 자존심 Goo Bon Choon

My Mister Soundtrack CD 2, Track Listing, Title, Artist

  1. An Ordinary Day
    보통의 하루 Jung Seung Hwan
  2. There Is A Rainbow (Acoustic Ver.)
    무지개는 있다 (Acoustic Ver.) O When
  3. My Image Reflected In My Heart
    내 마음에 비친 내 모습 Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)
  4. One Million Roses
    백만송이 장미 Go Woo Rim (고우림)
  5. Forest
    숲 Ji Sun (지선)
  6. The Truth Revealed
    드러나는 진실 Lee Roo Ri
  7. Way Back Home
    퇴근길 Kim Joon Suk (김준석), Goo Bon Choon
  8. We Both Feel Sorry For You
    우린 둘 다 자기가 불쌍해요 Lee Yoon Ji
  9. Their Love Law
    그들만의 사랑법 Lee Roo Ri
  10. Crumpled Life
    구겨진 인생 Kim Hyun Joo
  11. Social Life
    사회생활 Lee Roo Ri
  12. Operation Plan
    작전 설계 Noh Yoo Rim
  13. Trap
    덫 Seo Ye Rin
  14. Tap
    도청 Kim Hyun Joo
  15. A Secret Deal
    은밀한 거래 Lee Yoon Ji
  16. A Path of Heart
    마음의 거리 Noh Yoo Rim
  17. Person Like That
    그런 사람 Lee Yoon Ji

My Mister OST CD 1 – Music Mood and Texture

  1. That Man – Flamenco-style intro then jumps into pounding electric guitar. Rock heat. No one knows his heart that burns like the sun. Love song.
  2. Adult – Soft acoustic guitar. Beautiful slow, sad song. Will warm sunlight every shine down on me? Repeated throughout the entire My Mister Kdrama.
  3. Dear Moon – Slow piano ballad. I’m sort of like the moon – the lonely moon. Dazzlingly bright moon.
  4. There is a Rainbow – Medium tempo piano, rock ballad. Bang-bang chords on the chorus. Without change, everyone’s going to the same place. Enduring each day to get closer to your dreams.
  5. My Image Reflected in My Heart – Slow piano ballad. Struggling to get somewhere toward your dreams.
  6. Title of My Mister – Instrumental, medium tempo piano high notes
  7. My Mister – Instrumental, slow piano
  8. When You Want to Rest Your Mind – Instrumental. Acoustic guitar with piano. Strings enter. Slow and haunting.
  9. Our Family – Instrumental. Slow acoustic guitar playing individual notes with piano.
  10. Weight of Life (Inst.) – Slow synthesized chords sounds – a bit organ-like.
  11. Guilty (Inst.) – Slow, individual piano notes.
  12. Three Brothers – Mid-tempo acoustic guitar. Upbeat. Happy. More of a playful mood than other songs on this CD.
  13. Realism – Instrumental with a variety of percussion instruments. Mid-tempo.
  14. Background Check – Chimes, synthesized organ. Mid-tempo.
  15. Dangerous Child – Instrumental. Feels a bit treacherous. Electronic xylophone?
  16. Last Pride – Faster-paced, percussion, strings, piano. Sense of urgency.

My Mister OST CD 2 – Music Mood and Texture

  1. An Ordinary Day – Slow piano ballad. Trying to get through another day. Crying and remembering but trying to forget. The more time passes the easier it gets to forget.
  2. There Is A Rainbow (Acoustic Ver.) – Acoustic guitar version of Track 4 on CD 1. Arpeggio. Drums, rest of band enters.
  3. My Image Reflected In My Heart – Acoustic guitar version of Track 5 on CD 1. Guitar chords and individual notes, drums.
  4. One Million Roses – Deep-voiced male love ballad. Sounds like a traditional song updated with synthesized music. Only when it’s true love, a rose of love blooms. A million roses will bloom and then I can go to my true love.
  5. Forest – Electric guitar, drums, band. Mid-tempo. Beautiful singing. The tree of pain needs to be cut down. It will grow again and become your tree. And I will rest against you. One of the top songs of the My Mister soundtrack CD set.
  6. The Truth Revealed – Instrumental. Percussion. Unrelenting tap-tap-taping.
  7. Way Back Home – Instrumental with acoustic guitar and piano.
  8. We Both Feel Sorry For You – Slow piano. Beautiful, soft and sweet.
  9. Their Love Law – Instrumental with soft acoustic guitar. Feels like unusual time step.
  10. Crumpled Life – Instrumental like an old western gunfight standoff updated with synthesized music. I think I heard a bullet hit the floor. Maybe heard a horse trotting.
  11. Social Life – Sounds jazzy. Bongos and upright bass. Some jazz guitar. Instrumental.
  12. Operation Plan – Percussion. Moves around. Electronic. Instrumental.
  13. Trap – Piano. Guitar. Part of this is a familiar instrumental part to the KDrama. Instrumental.
  14. Tap – High piano notes. Feels like a thief is about to steal something. Instrumental.
  15. A Secret Deal – Instrumental. Acoustic guitar. Build-up to something’s going to happen.
  16. A Path of Heart – Instrumental. Piano. High and sweet.
  17. Person Like That – Brief instrumental. Piano. Things are good.
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