My Mister KDrama

My Mister KDrama


My Mister KDrama

My Mister KDrama is among the top of all the Korean drama series we have watched. Collectively we have probably watched hundreds of KDramas, and we consider this one of the very best if not the best we have ever seen.  It is unpredictably great.  

This KDrama was so much different from others we have watched. Most KDramas are Romantic Comedies of course, so I guess that’s what we were expecting from this one. The above promotional photo (which may be copyrighted, my apologies) indicates a light-hearted mood. Don’t be fooled.

My Mister is about a cast of struggling characters. There is intense betrayal and sacrifice. Work challenges, interpersonal relationship challenges, professional and career challenges, marriage challenges, personal challenges, and historical challenges. Everyone is basically unhappy and trying to hold their lives together. Tension exists between work colleagues, between husband and wife, between former loves, and between family members. Everyone – Everyone – is broken (which is a rare insight into real life), and everyone needs to heal.

The office politics story is interesting and everyone remains entangled in each other’s lives.  We grow to love the characters and empathize with their lives and the daily struggles they face.     

Although the characters suffer (mostly privately) they do take comfort in sharing food and drink at the community bar. They have some wonderful times together, and they forget about their misery for a moment. They share a sort of family bond in the bar, and it gives them something to look forward to as the days progress.

Lee Sun Gyun and IU give outstanding and superb performances as the lead characters. But you may love them in one episode and hate them in the next. The characters are multidimensional and more realistic than most that we have seen in KDrama. The story continues to revolve around the male-female lead relationship – and they must be twenty years apart in age – but the other side stories from supporting characters are just as riveting. All of the acting and the writing is super high quality. Every performance is brilliant.

The My Mister KDrama will make you think. It will make you reflect on your own life. It will make you sorry when the series is over.  


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You can watch My Mister for free on Rakuten Viki.

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