Although I am descended from many generations of beef cattle farmers, I learned the proper way to eat Kobe Beef (or any steak sandwich or maybe even a hamburger) while watching Japanese TV. The NHK – World Japan show Cool Japan ran an episode on sandwiches and included a segment on the elite and expensive beef.

I have had a wagyu hamburger on occasion, but I don’t recall that it was paired with a particular set of condiments. Clearly, I was doing it wrong. In the show, the kobe beef sandwich was prepared in a very particular way:

First, the meat was grilled rare.

Second, the bread was plain white.

Third, only a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard was spread on a slice of the white bread.

Fourth, the crusts – and some of the meat that extended beyond the bread – were sliced off.

The beauty is in the simplicity of the preparation. I usually cover my burger in onion, lettuce, pickle, tomato, avocado, sometimes beets, sometimes kimchi, mushrooms, or whatever else I have on hand. My steak is usually slathered in sauce. The flavor of the kobe beef largely stood on its own. The mayonnaise-mustard combination magnified the taste.

Price: $230 US Dollars (and this was not the most expensive beef sandwich in the tiny restaurant)

Since I left the farm, I rarely eat steak anymore. But I’m going to try this simple (bun, mayonnaise and mustard) approach with my burgers. Maybe it will give them a bit of a new lift.

Stay curious!

Kobe Beef
Kobe Beef

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