These Free TV shows have all been found on the free websites listed here on  Here are the Free Movie and TV Websites and Free Movies.

Cool Japan (Japan) 

Cool Japan on NHK World Japan is one of the best international TV shows that I’ve seen.  The show has two hosts and eight international guests.  A topic from Japanese culture is introduced, a short video is shared, and the eight guests comment on how that topic differs in their country.  It’s fascinating, educational and entertaining.  We watch it live at 7:00 am EST every Saturday morning.  

Attack on Titan (Japan)

Anime.  The best anime I have watched.  Great story of a group of soldiers who fight colossal, human-eating beasts called Titans.   The world has been reduced to a city behind three walls – but the Titans attack!  3 seasons (59 episodes) available on Crunchyroll.  The 4th and final season will be out soon.

My Mister (Korea, Drama) 

This is a great Korean Drama.  K-Pop star IU plays a broke temp worker who gets involved in the lives of a lot of people at this building/construction company.  The male lead (Lee Sun Gyun – from Parasite) has a very unhappy life.  He gets through it drinking with his brothers.

Tell Me What You Saw (Korea, Thriller)

We have not seen many K-Drama thrillers, but this one is fantastic.  A serial killer is on the loose, but the new policewoman has a photographic memory for detail.  She shares specifics from the crime scene with a retired and isolated criminal profiler.

Travelogue (CCTV – China)

Travelogue was always one of my favorite adventure tourism television programs. There were always interesting locations and cultures at each Chinese destination.  They tended to explore local culture a bit more than typical travel shows.  I’m not sure of the status of this show now, but there were hundreds of online episodes to explore.

I am Not a Robot (Korean, Drama, Romantic Comedy)

How do you survive a broken heart?  Our reviewer Mat likes this one.  And tens of thousands of viewers gave this a near perfect rating.  We are slowly making our way through it.  There are 33 episodes, but each episode is only a half-hour.  

1% of Something (Korean, Romantic Comedy)

So I guess this guy is wealthy, smart, attractive – and a jerk.  Mat says this one is great.  The Korean name of this K-Drama has something to do with the wealthy 1-percent.

Midsomer Murders

A British Classic. Over 20 seasons.  Currently playing on a Pluto TV Live Channel.

NHK World Japan

We watch TV on this site every week.  Fun, fabulous show about Japanese Culture, Traditions, Communities, Travel, Food, Language, etc.  Cycle Around Japan!,  Journeys in Japan, Cool Japan!


The Masterpiece TV shows on PBS are probably the ones we like best. Hercule Poirot, Endeavour, Father Brown, Inspector Lewis, and Wallander. These are not free, but with a small donation to PBS, you are given access with their Passport program

Drinking Solo (Korea, Drama)

Why would anyone want to go to nice restaurants and drink alone?  Large cast of teachers and students.  (Appears this one is not currently available in the US.)

Because This is my First Life (Korea, Drama)

We should be excused for making some mistakes, because this is our first life!

Dream High (Korea, Drama)

Making K-Pop stars.